Saturday, 2 April 2016

koko couture hair extensions

My first memory of yearning for longer hair dates back to the mid-1990s. As a young girl, I wanted nothing more in life than to have hair to rival the likes of Ariel, Jasmine and Pocahontas. I used to close my eyes at night and hope that when I opened them again in the morning I would have flowing, waist-length hair.

Fast forward to my mid teens and I discovered hair extensions. I think I must have been 16 when I purchased my first pack of clip-in hair extensions from a down-market salon supply store in South London. From that moment, I didn't look back. Throughout all the switching and changing between bright blonde and black hair (and all the shades in between) I always had a set of clip-in hair extensions to match the shade du jour.

This set from Koko Couture is my first ever set of synthetic hair extensions. They are heat resistant and incredibly soft, so I can really see the benefit of synthetic hair. Synthetic tends to be shinier than real hair, and low quality synthetic can look down-right plastic. This hair on the other hand, blends perfectly with my natural hair (especially thanks to the perfect colour-match!). The set I have is the Lena, a 3 weft, 22-inch curly set available from KoKo Couture for £19.99*. The third photo above is my natural hair, with no extensions in for comparison. The extensions add not just length, but also volume and an overall healthier look. 

One of the draw-backs of clip-in extensions can be visible clips, which none of us want! My favourite hair-guru, Silvia, has got a great video on hiding the clips in your natural hair. Watch it here.

Thanks for reading, Love K. x 

*This product was a sample, all opinions are my own

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