Thursday, 10 October 2013

Fashion // Autumn update #1

Autumn (or Fall for you fellows across the pond) is my fashion favourite season! It's probably my overall favourite season as well with the lead up to Christmas, and the cosy weather!

I've decided this autumn, to do fashion posts on what autumnal pieces I'm absolutely loving, hopefully this series will be enjoyable for the both of us!

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Here is autumn edit no.1 the jewel-collared jumper!

I picked this up from M&S a few weeks a go, and I wonder if it was an in-store exclusive as I never saw it on the website and can't find it now! :( The collar is made up of beautiful gems and studs which sparkle and just look so pretty. The main body of the jumper has a cute dark grey and black pattern, whilst the arms are plain black. 

I've actually been quite impressed with the M&S stock this season, although some of their items are exceptionally over priced considering where they're from. Let me know if you've had any great autumn finds from M&S or other high street faves xox

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