Monday, 11 August 2014

Hair Makeover with Andrew Barton ❀

A good few weeks ago now I was invited to the Grabble event at Andrew Barton's salon in Covent Garden. Grabble is an online fashion platform which reminds me of Pinterest mixed with ASOS. I really recommend having a look at their site - it's a great place for fashion inspiration and fantastic way to find items too. I had a lot fun at their #GrabAMakeover event and I was the lucky winner of two prizes on their charity raffle. Today's post is about the Hair Makeover that I won with Andrew Barton himself! 

Jack, myself & Andrew

The first picture shows my before hair, which is pretty much my natural colour with some slight ombre peeking through, if you havent already seen this post on my hair adventure a few months ago you might want to take a look. To sum up, over the last few months I've really wanted a subtle balayage-ombre through the ends of my hair, just to warm it up and add some modern dimension to my hair, I tried it myself and it didn't work so I coloured over it. I went Pinterest mad over the last few weeks since booking my appointment with Andrew and took along some photos of how I wanted the colour to look.

The appointment started with a consultation with Jack, my lovely colourist and Andrew who would be cutting my hair. I showed them the photo's (mostly of Lily Aldridge) of the kind of look I was after and they were both very positive about the style and thought it would suit me, so Jack got straight to colouring my hair. After a few trips to replenish his stash of foils and much discussion of all things 'hair' and 'London' we were almost done with the colouring. Foils came out, bleach was rinsed and toner applied. After a little wait with the toner I was treated to a relaxing head massage and hair wash from Josh. Time for my cut with Andrew, he worked speedily and precisely giving my dreadful ends a much needed chop and adding some feminine shape to frame my face. He whipped out the hairdryer and round brush and gave my hair the best blow out I've ever had, and he made it all look so easy! I've been battling with a ceramic round brush for the last few weeks and can't imagine how I would ever create a curly, bouncing, smoothed style like he did for me. 

The cut and colour are just perfect, they're exactly what I wanted and really make my hair feel modern and young. I had a lovely morning at the salon and was made to feel very welcome by all. I'd love to say a big thank you to Andrew and his team for doing such a great job with my hair, and if you're in need of a hair overhaul or a luxurious hair appointment I thoroughly recommend them!  

Thank you so much for reading, much love - Kitty.

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