Wednesday, 17 June 2015

eyeshadow pencils

I won't lie to you dear readers, starting a full time job has resulted in not only my blogging time being cut short, by my make up application time too. I've always enjoyed making up my face, I find it therapeutic and satisfying, but in the mornings when I've over slept a little and my hair is doing something wild and requiring extra taming time, my make up is the thing to suffer. Recently I've been enjoying the simplicity of using eyeshadow pencils for creating a soft yet polished look and it only take's a jiffy to apply. Above is a look that I've been recreating time and time again recently and the two products I've been using to achieve it are fast becoming staple products in my make up bag. 

The first is the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Dark Pearl £19. This eyeshadow stick comes in a whole range of flattering shades, which CT have divided up and assigned to different eye colours - & whilst I'm sure you can mix and match a bit to suit your tastes, I really enjoy the extra thought that's gone into the products and the end user. This pencil glides on like an absolute dream, is blendable for a few moments before setting and becoming unsmudgable for a good few hours. I've used this pencil on the outer corner and crease for definition. I find when applied with no lid primer underneath this pencil doesn't last the full work day, and has started to crease by the time I'm leaving the office, but it's still there and the look is still pretty! The packaging of this pencil is a beautiful maroon and gold number, with the usual Charlotte Tilbury branding. Lovely. My one bug bear is that this is a pencil which requires sharpening. 

The second pencil is the No.7 Stay Perfect Shade and Define in Cool Mink £8. At half the price of the Charlotte Tilbury pencil, this is a total bargain. The packaging isn't as expensive looking, but it's still pretty, and most importantly it's a mechanical pencil - no need to worry about sharpening. This shade is lighter, with a lilac hint to it, really gorgeous worn alone, but something extra special when paired with the Charlotte Tilbury one in the crease. I wear this all over the lid, it's a little harder to apply and doesn't glide like the CT one does but it has the added benefit of lasting all through the day without budging even a millimetre, totally worth the extra effort to apply. 

Both of these pencils are a dream to use and vital parts of my everyday make up now. I've got more shades of both on my wish list, and recommend both to those looking for an easy answer to eyeshadow. Let me know if you've tried any that you love! 

Thank you so much for reading, much love Kitty xx

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