Sunday, 24 January 2016

Rimmel The Only 1 - Best of the best

I absolutely love a new drug store make up treat. There's something so satisfying about getting stuck in at the stand, picking up the bullets or palettes that catch your eye, swatching on the back of your hand and adding your favourites to the basket. So when I saw that Rimmel (one of my absolute drug store favourites) had launched a new line of lipsticks, I was in. 

The packaging of this lipstick is almost there but not quite. I like the black cover and base, and I love having the shade of the lipstick visible, but the shape of the lid is a little odd and less comfortable to hold, and the plastic feels a touch cheap. 

The colour I selected is a seductive red, bolding named Best of the Best and I must say, I'm convinced. Usually a little scared by reds, the dark, cooler tone of this one drew me in and I have to say it's one of my best drug store lipstick purchases. 

The formulation is opaque yet smooth, it glides on the lips with an almost glossy texture but soon dries to a satin, comfortable finish. It's quite long lasting, not as long standing as some liquid or matte lipsticks, but the comfort factor is worth the extra need to reapply. 

At £6.99 with 15 shades available, I think I can say Rimmel have done it again. Available to buy at

Love, K. x 

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