Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Beauty // Rimmel Matte BB Cream & Stay Matte Mousse Foundation Review

I recently bought the Rimmel Matte BB Cream, which I've had my eye on for weeks as I've been absolutely loving the Stay Matte foundation lately & have long been a fan of their Stay Matte powder. I have combination skin which can get shiny throughout the day but also has dry patches and can look awful with certain foundations but thankfully both of these products have really suited my skin.

Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation in 100 Ivory & 010 Light Porcelain
Stay Matte Mousse Foundation
I've had this foundation for around four months now and I'm completely in love with it. Shine is something I have to deal with on a daily basis, whatever I do to set my makeup I always always suffer with shine throughout the day - but it is dramatically reduced, to the point where it's perfectly fine to leave my skin as it is and just look a little dewy towards the evening. This is a medium to high coverage foundation that is buildable and can be thinned out using a damp sponge or applied more generously with a brush. My favourite way to apply this is with my Cosmopolitan beauty blender sponge, it just gives the perfect flawless finish and makes my skin look literally perfect. 
It can be a little heavy going at times, so I sometimes mix this foundation with another one to get the best of both worlds, my favourite combination is the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation as this gives such a lovely fresh and dewy look to the skin which can sometimes be a problem for my oilier parts - but that is toned down by including the matte mousse. 
I was a little concerned about what the texture would be like with this foundation, as I've tried Mousse's before and really disliked them, but this is more of a stiff liquid foundation and is very easily blendable - although less so when applied with fingers. 
I have combination skin and find that it doesn't cling to the dry parts of my face or emphasise them at all, and it in fact reduces the appearance of my pores. 
Due to the heavy nature of this foundation I am starting to find it's causing slight break outs and as a result I prefer to not wear this every day to try and give my skin a break, but I always reach for this when I'm looking for a flawless finish! I will definitely be repurchasing this.
You might be wondering why I have two shades of this - and two shades that are seemingly quite different! Well, believe it or not these are the two lightest shades - the lighter of which is just a touch too pale for me, but the next shade down is far too dark so I like to mix the two together to create the perfect colour for me.

If you're after something high coverage, to keep you shine free this is a great choice as long as your skin isn't too sensitive or prone to aggravated breakouts. 

Rimmel BB Cream in Light
Rimmel Matte BB Cream
After falling head over heels for the Stay Matte foundation and seeing this product advertised, I had to get my hands on it.. especially now I'm getting a few more breakouts, I really want to use something thats gentle and light on my skin. I've used a few BB creams before, and really not got one with this one so I was pleasantly surprised with this little gem. 
Unfortunately I don't find it to be that matte, and it does have quite a dewy finish after a few hours wear but it doesn't look anywhere near as oily as previous BB creams I've used.
It gives light-medium coverage which is again buildable and does correct redness and somewhat conceal blemishes, but I used a concealer over the top of this too for added coverage.
It's too early to tell if there are really any skincare benefits from this product but it feels good to wear something light and natural looking on my skin for day-to-day makeup. 

I don't love this as much as the foundation, but it's still a product I'll use on a regular basis and might repurchase in the future. 

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