Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beauty // Matte About You

Essie Matte Top Coat

In a recent Boots haul I purchased the Essie 'Matte About You' matte top coat. I love the matte trend, I think it gives a really chic look to an outfit and can re-ignite your love of a colour you've gotten a little bored of. 

The Essie top coat does the job, it makes the nails matte with just one coat, however it is a little tricky and temperamental. I'm the type of nail-painter who doesn't like to hang around for colours to dry, so that is a huge downside for me with this colour - it takes ages to dry! & even after I feel like it must be dry, I still get smudges.

Matte About You; image from my instagram @KittWills 

I find if you put a thin layer on, it dries much quicker and still gives the matte effect, so definitely start with thin layers and make sure your existing nail varnish is completely dry before applying this.

The above picture features 'Matte About You' on top of Essies 'Geranium' 

At £8 a bottle I'm sure there must be cheaper drug-store alternatives, but I'm still pleased with my purchase...

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  1. I love this combination! I might have to invest in a matte top coat :-) xx


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