Wednesday, 29 May 2013

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Neroli Firming Face Serum

I have absolutely massive love for this product. It's changed my life. Well, it's changed my skincare routine anyway! I'd never been a serum person until one day I got a sample of the Wei Jujube Age Control Serum in one of my monthly beauty boxes (I should really start keeping track of what sample came from what box...oops!) and I fell in love with that produce. It was a miniature sample that lasted me around a week and the produce was incredible... it basically gave me new skin and completely irradiated all redness and pigmentation on my skin (holy grail product? uh yeah!!) However... as incredible as this product was, it costs £60 here in the UK and for a student, that's a lot on the pricey side for skincare. 

So I was on the hunt for a really amazing serum to replace this, and Zoe Sugg (Zoella) mentioned on her youtube channel that she'd bought this one in a haul from Boots, so the drugstore lover in me decided that I must also purchase this. And I'm so glad I did! So a massive thanks to Zoe for influencing me to purchase it! I never heard her mention it again, so maybe she didn't like it :(

I on the other hand, have adored it. I'm on my 4th (???) bottle of it now and I will continually repurchase. It isn't labelled specifically as an anti-ageing serum, but it has that oh-so-wonderful hyaluronic acid which has been linked to youthful skin. It basically helps your skin to retain its moisture and also has healing properties too and has made a noticeable (and rapid) reduction on redness, blemishes and pore sizing. An all around perfect addition to my skin care routine and is definitely a holy grail for me. 

I've get to try anything else from this brand but I believe this serum at £14.99 in Boots, is one of the more pricey products from them. Being the savvy shopper that I like to think I am, I always look out for deals on in Boots and try to grab this when skincares on three-for-two or half price! 

Do you have any recommendations for skincare or from this brand? I'd love to know.

Lots of Love, 
Kitty xxx

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