Friday, 31 May 2013

Beauty // MAC neutrals quad

neutral shades

1. Shroom     
2. All that glitters
3. Wedge
4. Espresso

For my 21st birthday, my incredibly generous boyfriend got me a MAC giftcard so I could add to my (at the time only 1 piece) collection. The first thing I got is this gorgeous quad of 4 eyeshadow shades in neutral colours. I'm very much a neutral person when it comes to eyeshadows so I went for subtle, earthy tones.

1. Shroom - this is a soft, shimmery white colour thats great as a highlighter for your lid, brow bone, and I even use it down the centre of my nose sometimes too. It's a touch on the frosty side but still a gorgeous colour.
2. All that glitters - this is a beautiful soft gold colour, gives life to the eye without being too bold or yellow. Perfect for subtle glamour.
3. Wedge - this is my favourite out of all the colours I got for an every day wear. I like to wear this in the crease of my eye to give subtle definition and shape. So pretty, and perfectly subtle and natural looking.
4. Espresso - Ideal for when I want a more bold contour on my crease, or to wear close to the lashline as subtle eyeliner. Also a great colour for brows.

Overall, I do adore this palette and I will definitely get great use out of it. However, I already owned the Naked 2 palette and these colours are so, so similar to some of the colours in that palette. Shroom is similar to Urban Decay's Bootycall (I actually prefered bootycall but hit pan pretty early on!), All that glitters is very similar to UD's Half Baked (Which also features in the original Naked palette) and Wedge is fairly similar to UD's Tease (Wedge is actually more natural looking, slightly warmer as Tease is quite grey or ashy). 

What do you think about MAC? Too expensive or worth the money? I'd love to hear your comments

Kitty xoxox

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