Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Life // Update

End of University!

Ciao Bella,

Today I have some very exciting news for you all; I have finished my undergraduate degree! 
I've been reading Film and Screen Studies at the University of Brighton for the last three years and I've absolutely loved every second of it.

I've met some incredible people whilst living in Brighton, most importantly my boyfriend - it's also our two year anniversary coming up, another exciting moment! 

I cannot believe how quickly these three years have flown by, it's been one hell of an experience and even though I've decided not to go in to the film industry I wouldn't change anything that I've done. 

So what next?
Well, if all goes well and I get the right grade to meet my conditional offer from Kingston University then I'll be going there to study a masters in Real Estate! This is a gateway into the property industry for me, and will allow me to, at a later stage, become a chartered surveyor. 

You can look forward to more blog updates from me now that the hectic assessment period is all over and done with! (yay!) 

Let me know if there are any exciting things going on in your life at the moment!

Lots of love
Kitty xxx

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